Reviews of San Pedro Fish Market:

Umamiventure Review of San Pedro Fish Market

Sara wrote a post two years ago about the San Pedro Fish Market, and I’ve fantasized about visiting since then. All that sunny, surfside seafood looked like paradise. So that was the obvious choice for Umamiventure #26... READ MORE

Fish Out of Water

Seafood on the San Pedro waterfront

By Jonathan Gold, Wednesday, Jul 15 1998
The San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant may be the most raucous place in Los Angeles on a Saturday afternoon... READ MORE

San Pedro: San Pedro Fish Market

Posted by Joce
The San Pedro Fish Market is located on the Port of Los Angeles and has been in operation for more than 30 years. The Fish Market is the place to go to for fresh fish in the Harbor area and offers retail and wholesale fish, ready-to-eat seafood fare and restaurant and banquet services... READ MORE

Seafood Explosion: San Pedro Fish Market
If first impressions are everything, then San Pedro Fish Market may not have lasted more than the 50 years it has been in business.  There’s a lot to be turned off by at first glance: the overwhelming crowds, long lines, a pervasive smell of raw fish, high prices, and pigeons and seagulls stalking your every move, waiting to pickpocket your shrimp at an unsuspecting moment.

But, oh the food! READ MORE

This rambling, bustling spot on Berth 78 of Ports O' Call Village offers more than 200 varieties of fresh seafood, including lobsters and crabs...READ MORE Reviews

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