Welcome to San Pedro Fish Market

The story behind the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant begins nearly 60 years ago in the Los Angeles port town of San Pedro, CA. Mackey Ungaro opened a small retail fish market named Vista Seafood and put his son, Henry and nephew, Tommy Amalfitano in charge of running it; they were only teenagers at the time. This store was a popular with the locals and business was good. 

In the early 70's Mackey purchased Norm's Landing Fish Market on San Pedro’s Waterfront section of the Los Angeles Harbor.  Norm's eventually replaced Vista and a live seafood section was developed where customers could pick their own Lobster and Crab and have it steamed fresh. Additionally, they developed their own smoked-fish recipe and garnered quite a following for Smoked Halibut, Salmon, Tuna, Cod, Swordfish, and many others. These were the first moves towards selling a cooked ready to eat product and would eventually lead to our World Famous Shrimp Tray.

In 1981, Norm's Landing was torn down and construction started on a new location.  During the construction phase the Ungaro and Amalfitano families continued to sell fresh seafood and shrimp cocktails from a large trailer converted for retail sales.  All of the family and staff were either selling fish or swinging hammers on the new location. 

New Location. New Name.
In 1982 they opened the doors to the completely new and remodeled San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant. The new location was only a stones throw from the last, however, some major renovations were added which included a full service Restaurant and an outdoor patio on the water with seating for nearly 400. 

Shortly after the Grand Opening of this location, we introduced an outdoor BBQ where any whole fish you purchased in the fish market could be cooked on site and enjoyed while sitting on the seaside patio. This was such a success the operation was expanded to include cooking any item purchased in the fish market. Next, a new seasoning was developed and then the famous Veggie and Potato mix and Garlic Bread were made available as side order options to complement your fish choice. These quickly grew in popularity and spurred additional growth including several additions to the patio, new menu items and a Banquet Room.

Today, San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant has seating for 2000, a full-service harbor view banquet room, and another location in Wilmington called Shamrock Seafoods, as well as many new offers on the way. More than 10,000 people enjoy the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant every week.

Our signature seasoning is a secret recipe developed over 20 years ago when we transformed ourselves from being a Fish Market and entered the Restaurant business.  We use about 200-300 lbs per month during our peak season, drawing 10,000 to 15,000 customers weekly through our doors.


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