Welcome to San Pedro Fish Market

Often referred to as the Disneyland of seafood, San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant was founded in 1982. Our original store was actually called Vista Seafood and opened in 1957. Both specialized in delivering fresh seafood to seafood lovers. The founders, Mackey Ungaro, his son Henry Ungaro and his nephew Tommy Amalfitano. In the late 60’s we relocated to the waterfront and eventually changed our name. We are still a family owned and operated business; there are currently 3 generations of us working here.

Our signature seafood seasoning is a secret recipe developed over 20 years ago when we transformed ourselves from being be a Fish Market and entered the Seafood Restaurant business. We use approximately 200 -300 lbs of our Seafood Seasoning per month during our peak season, drawing 10,000 to 15,000 customers weekly through our doors. Customers come from miles around to enjoy fresh seafood and wach the cruise ships pass in front of our waterfront patio.

Fresh seafood at San Pedro Fish Market

San Pedro, CA

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