Super Tray XXXL

Price: $1200

The Super Tray XXXL starts at $1200 and increases based on any add-ons of seafood.
(See below under $3000 version for example seafood additions to the Super Tray.)

Includes: 41/50, Shell-On Medium SHRIMP ONLY, seasoned with our signature Seafood Spice with Veggies, Potatoes and Garlic bread.

Feeds: Enough to feed 80-100 people

How to Order: We need at least 3 Days Notice – call us at 310-832-4251

Availability: Weekdays only

Extras: Order our Seafood Seasoning and Hot Sauces here

*All prices vary based on market conditions and can total as much as $3000, like the Super Tray XXXL at at the Kings of Fi$h Season 3 launch event.

Super Tray XXXL
Courtesy Port of LA

Super Tray XXXL, $3000 version:

This Seafood Tray Includes


  • Shrimp Large Shell-on (Mexico)
  • Black Mussels -Catalina Sea Ranch/Alta Sea, San Pedro, CA ( Harvested off cost of Huntington Beach, CA)
  • Halibut Fillet – Alaska
  • Calamari – Local Caught, Souther California – San Pedro, CA
  • Large Sea Scallops – East Coast
  • Whole Maine Lobster – East Coast
  • Whole Sheep Head – Pacific Ocean
  • White Sea Bass – Pacific Ocean
  • Cherry stone clams – Long Island, NY

Total Weight of this tray was approximately 100 lbs with Seafood and Veggies (Tomato, Onion, Peppers and Red Potatoes)

super tray xxl-through-a-door