• Our story starts in 1956
Our story

Our story begins as our family business was started in 1956 by Mackey Ungaro. Known as Vista Seafood, Mackey put his son Henry and nephew, Tommy Amalfitano in charge of operations. They were just 15 years old. As business grew, we moved to the waterfront and added a live seafood section where customers could choose their fish. This was known as Norm’s Landing. In 1982 we moved into what is today known as the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant. Back then we only had seating for 400. Today, in our 4th generation of being family owned and operated we have seating for 3000+ people and serve over 30,000 shrimp trays a week. With this tremendous growth came 4 Guinness World Records and the honor of being a “Top Ten most Instagrammed Restaurant” in the United States. In 2018 we opened our first San Pedro Fish Market Grille – a fresh-casual atmosphere serving only the freshest seafood available. Who knows what tomorrow brings. As for today, we’re glad you’re here. Welcome to the family!

  • 1956


    Vista Seafood (SPFM is born)

    Mackey Ungaro opens Vista Seafood, a small corner store in the heart of San Pedro on 9th and Meyler. Here, he sells fresh fish to the locals from ice chests, and eventually puts his son, Henry Ungaro, and family friend Tommy Amalfitano in charge when they were just 15 years old.

  • 1959

    Norms Landing

    After a successful first year, the business is moved down to the LA Waterfront, taking over Norms Landing Fish Market. Here, Henry and Tommy begin expanding the business by introducing new items like live crab and lobster, and shrimp cocktails. They also begin smoking their own fish, which eventually becomes crucial to the San Pedro Fish Market experience.



  • 1972


    Shamrock Seafoods

    As demand for smoked seafood grows, Shamrock Seafoods in Wilmington is acquired and converted into a smoking facility as well as a wholesale distribution hub.

  • 1981

    New Construction

    After over a year of around-the-clock construction, a brand new business is opened in replacement of the old Norm’s Landing building. Made up of a full service restaurant, fast food counter, live crab and lobster tanks, massive fresh seafood case, and seating nearly 300 people, this new location becomes what is now known as the world famous San Pedro Fish Market.



  • 1990


    Crusty Crab

    SPFM assumes management of neighboring Crusty Crab Fish Market offering a new option to the growing crowds at SPFM.

  • 1990

    Shamrock Seafoods Expansion

    Shamrock Seafoods adds a small kitchen and begins offering fish tacos, seafood plates, ceviche cocktails and ice cold beer!



  • 1998


    SPFM Grows

    SPFM completes harbor side seating expansion connecting SPFM & Crusty Crab and increasing combined footprint to 55,000 Sq.Ft. and 3,000 seats.

  • 2001

    Shamrock Seafoods Grows

    Shamrock Seafoods builds a patio, growing seating capacity to 200.



  • 2010


    Improvements for Crusty Crab

    SPFM invests heavily in improvements to Crusty Crab to provide customers with a superior dining experience.

  • 2013

    World Records

    SPFM sets Three Guinness World Records in a single day for lobster cooked, displayed, and served.



  • 2015



    Our online KINGS OF FI$H reality series is launched. Since then we’ve received many awards for our series and have accumulated millions of views. Catch all the action!

  • 2018

    New Grille Concept Launched

    Due to the success of the Shamrock Seafoods kitchen under the leadership of John Ungaro, the concept is renamed “San Pedro Fish Market Grille” and new locations are designed and opened in Rolling Hills Estates and Harbor City.



  • 2020


    SPFM - Long Beach

    Our second flagship location is opened on Alamitos Bay in Long Beach. Select your seafood at the fish counter and enjoy it while sitting outdoors overlooking the marina and a Pacific sunset.

  • 2021

    65 Year Anniversary

    San Pedro Fish Market celebrates 65th anniversary.



  • 2023



    The Landing – A Seafood Lovers Haven. Paying homage to our first water-front location at Norm’s Landing,