The future is bright!

San Pedro Fish Market
has been Celebrating Food & Family since 1956…
and we’re not stopping anytime soon!

Miracles can come true, and we are proud to announce that our new location ‘The Landing’, is NOW OPEN just a few hundred yards north of our original location on the waterfront. Inspired by the name of the original San Pedro Fish Market location at ‘Norm’s Landing’, our new ‘Landing’ is all about those familiar views, great service and unforgettable food.

The love given to our Long Beach and Wilmington locations has been uplifting and we are grateful. In the next few months, we will be building our next phase as part of West Harbor (close to the Maritime Museum) and we will share news about Crusty Crab by then as well!

But we know you may still have questions – this Q&A page will try to address them. Don’t forget to keep checking back for updates.



It’s because of you that we are really excited to take a bold step towards the evolution of San Pedro Fish Market. On behalf of the San Pedro Fish Market and Crusty Crab family, which is still 400 strong, thank you for everything and we look forward to Celebrating with you again soon.

We are open! Visit our Locations + Menu page for maps, hours and specials for all our locations.

See the map There is ample parking next to our location, by our neighbors the Battleship IOWA and all around downtown San Pedro. Check the male for more information!

In 1959, San Pedro Fish Market first arrived at its legendary waterfront location as a part of ‘Norm’s Landing’. We found it only fitting to pay homage to that turning point in our history – hence, San Pedro Fish Market ‘The Landing’.

It’s been our priority to recapture all of the magic that makes SPFM and Crusty Crab so special to you. Shrimp Trays are on the menu at The Landing, just like all our locations – and we will do our best to make them as customizable as possible.

We are currently working on the logistics of making this available to our guests. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated!

They are part of our family and in full swing ready to entertain.

Via 110 South:
Exit at Harbor Blvd
Head South to 6th St.

Via I-710:
Merge onto Seaside Fwy / 47
Exit at Harbor Blvd / 1C
Head South to 6th St.

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