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San Pedro Fish Market

Seafood Adventure Guide

Welcome to the San Pedro Fish Market! Anyone who has traveled to our restaurant will testify to the fact that we pride ourselves in delivering a truly unique and immersive experience that you, and your taste buds, are not likely to forget. As such, visiting our beautiful waterfront location takes a certain amount of planning, determination, and just a pinch of adventurous spirit. So, with this in mind, we want to equip you with the ultimate Adventure Guide to help you prep for your journey, as we guide you through everything you need to know in order to make the best of your San Pedro Fish Market experience. We can’t wait to see you!

Step 1: Get Here

Step 2: Find a Spot

Free parking can be found at our main lot just outside the restaurant in addition to nearby satellite lots. For your convenience, a trolley is available to shuttle you and your family from the satellite lots to the restaurant, but is also just a quick 10-minute walk.

Step 3: How it Works

Here at San Pedro Fish Market, we offer a wide array of fish to be cooked up just how you like it! Upon arriving to the restaurant, there are a number of different ordering options to help you get to your food faster! Here’s how it works.

Seafood Counter


Choose your fish


Tell us how you like it


Add toppings


Enjoy your meal!

Fast Food Counter

Here at our Fast Food Counter, you have the option to quickly order fish n’ chips, calamari, clam chowder, ceviche, and much more, as well as all of your beverages

Crab Tank

Our Crab Tank gives you the option to choose any of our live crabs and lobsters to be cooked up exactly how you like it! On the weekends, this is also where you can find one of our three Fajita Stands (in addition to the inside patio and outside deck) where you are able to order our World Famous Shrimp Trays without the hassle of waiting in line at the Seafood Counter or BBQ


We are All About Food, Fun, and Family